• Biography:

    Magie Serpica began tattooing in NYC in 2001, while attending the Fashion Institute of Technology. Within her first year in the trade, she found herself working at multiple spots throughout Brooklyn, including the famous Coney Island bowery, and eventually heading out-of-borough to Staten Island.

    Since then, Magie has worked at several well known shops that paved the ground work for her eventually opening her own custom shop, Milk and Honey Tattoo Parlour, co-owned by another female tattooer, Liz Manzolini, in 2013.

    Aside from tattooing, Magie has worked to establish herself in other areas of the art world. She works as a freelance illustrator, having illustrated everything from children's books and book covers, to spot illustrations for magazines, to original art for album covers and band posters. Magie has also worked as a muralist, professing large scale, street art inspired pieces all around NYC. She has been hired by the NYC Parks Department in conjunction with Staten Island Arts to paint the former Staten Island Dump, now called Fresh Kills Park, several restaurants, including the popular Forest Avenue spot, Ho'Brah, and other art instillations such as her work in Artist Alley on Castleton Ave, which serve as an epicenter for the growing art community on Staten Island.

    Magie is a member at the Staten Island Maker Space, where she works on varying projects from welding to co-leading a Girl Scout Troop, to conspiring plans for world domination.

    Along with visual arts, Magie's musical talents are put to good use as a Ukulele and Autoharp musician in the all female acoustic cuntry band Dolltits, to which she is a member.

    In her spare time, Magie is a full time single mother to her two children. She is also a pet mom to her two cats, Sheena and Wolfgang, to whom she crochets fancy little outfits while watching a Wes Anderson flick and sipping on artisanal tea.